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Nature and History


Fiduprevisora S.A. was formed in response to different catastrophic events occurred in Colombia. The Central Government through the Extraordinary Decree 1547 dated June 21, 1984 created the National Disasters Fund establishing standards for its organization and functioning. Previsora S.A.  Insurance Company and other public entities whose by-laws and statutes had a relation with the Funds purpose were authorized to form a fiduciary corporation that would undertake as a first responder over the management and administration of the Fund resources, and secondly, over the celebration of new businesses of fiduciary nature.


Fiduprevisora S.A. is a Mixed Capital, National Corporation; with partial private ownership;  organized under the Ministry of Treasury and Public Credit; controlled by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia; FIDUCIARIA LA PREVISORA S.A was formed through Public Deed No. 25 dated March 29, 1985 issued at the Notary Public No. 33 of the Bogotá D.C Notarial Circuit as a  limited liability company, authorized by Decree 1547,1984.

Banking Superintendence authorized the operation of Fiduciaria La Previsora S.A. through Resolution 2521 dated May 27, 1985.
Subsequently, Public Deed No. 0462 dated January 24, 1994 issued in the  29th Notary  of the Bogotá D.C Notarial Circuit, changed the nature from a limited liability company, to a corporation to be known as FIDUCIARIA LA PREVISORA S.A.
Public Deed 10715 dated December 11, 2001 issued at the 29th Notary of the Bogotá D.C.  Notarial Circuit further modified the name, authorizing the abbreviation FIDUPREVISORA S.A. to the registered name.